Ouzoud We leave Marrakesh at around 08:30 am and drive toward to the Northern Africa’s biggest waterfall, the Ouzoud falls, are something out of a postcard, and not to be missed! Our day together includes a visit to these breathtaking falls, which offer the traveller an almost permanent rainbow crowning their impressive heights. The falls descend nearly 330ft (110m), and will make a spectacular backdrop for your day trip from Marrakech. Before arriving at the falls, we will have the chance to drive through the spectacular High Atlas Mountains, stopping along the way to visit a natural bridge carved out of the mountains by nothing more than time ! Once we arrive at the falls, we will take a beautiful hike for approximately two hours to reach the bottom of the falls. Here we will have the chance to swim and take in the healing powers of these magnificent falls. We will have our pick of restaurants dotting the landscape, and can dine on a traditional Tagine while marveling at the nature in front of us. in Afternoon we arrive back in Marrakech.